10 Reasons Why Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems Are Better Than Window Units

10 Reasons Why Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems Are Better Than Window Units

It's getting hotter outside.  If you're in Texas, you're used to temperatures constantly over 100 degrees.  But, if you're in a cooler climate where you've been lucky enough to not need air condition, the temperature change is probably a big one.  You can now take advantage of 

If you aren’t in a home that enjoys the luxury of central air, you likely have a few window units keeping your main living and sleeping areas cool. But did you know that a mini-split air conditioning unit is a far more efficient way to cool your space? 

Mini-splits, or ductless air conditioners, are far more aesthetically pleasing than window units, and are a simpler and less-expensive option than installing central air conditioning.  While they may not be as popular in the US as traditional HVAC systems, homeowners across Europe and Asia have used mini-splits as their go to source of heat and air for decades. 

Here are the top ten reasons that mini-split air conditioners are better than window units (or in some cases, central HVAC):

  1. Easier on the eyes. Window units are ugly and bulky, while mini split systems hide in plain sight.  Design is smaller, sleek and wall mounted.
  2. More efficient. Lots of cool air escapes through the sides of your window unit, meaning you’re throwing away money cooling the outdoors.
  3. Less electricity used. Window units require a lot more electricity to run than a ductless system, which means they increase your electricity bills more than a mini-split air conditioner would.
  4. Quieter. While window units have improved over the years, they’re still much louder than ductless air conditioners. A mini-split has the fan equipment installed outdoors, meaning you don’t hear all the ruckus inside.
  5. More secure. Someone could break into your home by ripping your AC unit out of your window, but that’d be nearly impossible to do with a ductless AC unit.  
  6. Multi-purpose. Ductless air-conditioners can also act as heating systems, so it solves all your heating and cooling needs all in one unit.
  7. More sunlight. We can’t be the only ones who hate sacrificing a whole window (in every room in the house) to an air conditioner. If you have a nice view, ductless air conditioners allow you to see it and enjoy the sunshine.
  8. Remote controls. While the fanciest of air conditioners come with remotes, nearly all mini-split systems do. That means you can change the temperature from your chair, and program when you’d like the AC to come on/off.
  9. More control. It’s hard to find a comfortable temperature with a window unit. Either you’re freezing, or you’re clicking it down a few notches because it’s too hot. A ductless system acts more like central air in that it keeps rooms a steady pleasant temperature.
  10. Place where you want it. You don’t need to put your ductless system on an exterior wall, meaning you can make it fit in your home both aesthetically, and so it blows cool air in the most efficient way possible. It’s annoying when the only window your AC can go in doesn’t point towards the rest of the room, leaving hot spots on the other side.

While mini-split air conditioners are certainly more expensive up-front than a window unit, a homeowner will reap the rewards of a more efficient cooling system quickly. Looking for a mini-split air conditioner? Look no further than Custom Mini Split!

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