How To Install Your Mini Split System Yourself

How To Install Your Mini Split System Yourself

We found out about mini splits when we needed a solution for a house we bought, gutted, and rehabbed.  There was no room in the attic for traditional ductwork, and window units really didn't meet our needs and aesthetic.  We ended up ordering from Mr. Cool and never looked back.  Easy for us to install ourselves, super quiet, and look great.

But as we searched units, we realized it can be a bit confusing to configure your own system.

What size compressor would you need?

How many air handlers?

Where is the ideal location for the outside and inside units?

How much will this cost???

So, when we became a distributor for Mr Cool, we created step-by-step instructions on how to configure your space, what size unit you will need, and where to locate it.  It's a starting point to give you an estimate for your unit cost, but also HELP US HELP YOU make sure you have the optimal configuration and you're not ordering too big a unit (more cost) or too small a unit (not enough power to heat/cool down your space).

1.  Download the kit and follow the instructions

2.  Text or email your configuration drawing to us at or 210-865-8050

3.  We'll give you a call (or call us at your convenience) to review and get an estimate.  We're happy to answer questions on how to install as well.

Yes, you can install your own mini split.  Here's where you start!

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